Arigata’s mission is to bring humans closer to one another through personal, never-ending and applicable self-education.

Using education & especially books as a vehicle, we target in bringing forth voices that speak about veganism, healthy and friendly-to-humans nutrition, exercise & fitness, personal development, business, leadership, biographies, arts, philosophy, spirituality. Via this kind of knowledge we infuse to people the appropriate ingredients for a meaningful lifestyle.


Arigata’s vision is a world of peace for all living beings. Through friendly-to-environment, sustainable resources of energy, healthy nutrition & exercise, life-long personal development and a happy & meaningful lifestyle, we picture out a better tomorrow for human race.


How We Are Going To Achieve It

Every day we come across people who feel there is something wrong in this world. This might sound like a quote of Neo in the movie “Matrix”, yet it is true. People want to change their lifestyle, their behavior, their way of thinking, their diets and nutrition habits, their entire spectrum about life. Be it in the sphere of the body, mind or spirit, humans  today are more aware than ever. We acknowledge that drive and transform it into action through knowledge. Knowledge is useless until it is doubled by actions. Our books do have that power. Our titles are neither fiction nor mere concepts abiding in one’s imagination. It is applied knowledge. It is a statement of heart by the authors and artists whom we choose to publish. That is truly powerful.

The Tools We Have

Not long ago, ages were different. If you were born in the 80’s like us you had the privilege of coming across the first PC’s, video games such as Nintendo Game Boy. Color TV had just made an entry and mobile phones did not exist, nor the World Wide Web or Internet. Fast Forward 20 years later in the early 2000 Facebook was introduced. Internet connections where transferring data at speeds of 1 MB/sec and mobile phones had already become a necessity. The next decade mobile revolution began and communication is getting easier and easier every day. We are constantly changing into an information system era; everything is wired, everything is moving to “clouds”, we are all interconnected by the mere pressing of a button. That provides us with a huge opportunity. Nowadays one has the ability to reach millions of people via one single webpage. We can market and distribute products using one single e-shop. In this Era one can find solid information in every single corner of our magnificent earth.

Using the net as our bow and books as arrows we aim directly to the hearts of those who are ready to listen. Now it is the time to spread ideas across the globe with the push of a button. We start by taking one person by the hand, then another and another. We provide solid products, books that are “made to last for a lifetime”. We are sharing this kind of information persistently using every technological tool provided to us, without any intimidation or worry. Today one can have a book on their mobile phone device, their tablet, their PC or one can purchase a copy of it. Today holding a book in our hands is easier than ever, yet buying the right books is the most difficult part. Why?

For centuries people have been held hostages by their own mind. Several years ago a wise man had said: “A controlled mind can be the best friend of a person, but the uncontrolled mind can be its greatest enemy”. Everyone who can grasp the true meaning of this quote has got an advantage over the ones who do not. People are feeding their minds day in and  day out on useless information. The wise and powerful know that well. Most of them do nothing  for their own personal interests. Others have been involved with knowledge distribution, controlling the communication channels which load people with bulks of information and data. It is called “Mass Media Manipulation”. We believe that everyone should have access to knowledge which can train the mind. Unfortunately that is the privilege of a selected few. We are using technology, supply chain management, marketing and sales to change that fact so that anyone who is searching for the Truth may find a co-seeker to their search. We are directing people’s attention to books which draw them towards the light instead of confusing their minds and taking them to darkness. We believe in Jim Rohn’s quote: “Sharing one’s ideas and thoughts is the most fulfilling emotion in the universe”. We have a mission – to share viable information with everyone on this planet. Every time we come across this genre of books we will see that the titles should be known in every corner of this earth. With the help of our Father and Creator we will succeed. Everything is possible.

What ARIGATA™ Stands For?

The name of our brand is followed by values deeply rooted into our core. These values guide us and give us the strength to go on. They lead us whenever something appears hostile around us. This is ARIGATA’s heart.








Abundance. We believe that everything is possible and our Creator has provided us the resources and the means to live in abundance. Abundance starts from within. One has to think abundantly in order to experience abundance in the world outside. There are no limits. Limits are made to be broken. The body has limits. The mind is limitless. We have to feed our minds with correct information so that whatever we have already seen with our minds’ eye may be reflected in our lives. Everything is possible. Every resource is available. All we need to do is change our mindset.

Responsibility is what distincts men & women from boys & girls. We believe responsibility is a power. When we undertake responsibility for whatever is happening to our lives we get powerful. We undertake all responsibility for our products, the way we do business, the Authors & Artists whom we publish, for everything in our spectrum. We take responsibility for our success or failure. We embrace that value and live by it every single moment.

Integrity is essential and a vital part of our beliefs. We strive for integrity and give our best to become a brand which is characterized by this magical and all powerful word. Everything we do is based on integrity and strength of character. When we profess something, we are bound to live by it.

Grit defines us. We take on every task we decide to bring forward wholeheartedly and passionately. We stand by our authors and artists and share their vision and ideas. We serve them and give our best to make their voices heard.

Awareness is our mission value and our fuel for motivation. Living in a world where its inhabitants are often unaware of the most precious information and knowledge, we strive for Truth. We search, discuss, cross refer and mostly trust our inner instincts about what is true or false. Raising awareness to the people of this earth is one of the most challenging, tricky, difficult yet magnificent tasks in this journey. ARIGATA is bound to give its own push towards that attempt.

Teamwork. Without our team we would achieve nothing. Our people are the heart and soul of this organization. Without them nothing can be achieved. With them anything is possible. We love our team and we want their welfare. We believe that the game is won by a team which has the best players. However, these players do their very best first for the team followers, then for the team, and then for themselves. Individual talent is what we seek, teamwork is what we demand. Our people share our mission and vision for this world, and the time spent working with them is not considered working time at all.

Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable against our clients and community. Everything we do has a direct impact on their way of thinking so we are very careful about it. Everything we do includes our readers’ interest. We are bound to follow this principle as long as we stand and breathe on this earth. That will be our legacy.